Jack Lessard, Vinod Agarwala, Steve Moreau & Margaret Caines
Art Showcase from Feb 14th – Mar 27th

Jack “Squish” Lessard

Jack “Squish” Lessard is a graduate of the photography program at Ottawa’s Algonquin college. Aside from collage and assemblage, He has also been involved in filmmaking, acrylic painting and graphic design.

In 2012, while travelling in Hong Kong, Squish discovered the medium of collage, and it became a new artistic passion. While in Hong Kong, he bought what is called a ‘chop’ with his name on it, and in honor of where he discovered this medium, he now signs all his works with this Chinese stamp.

All of Squish’s works of art, whether antique assemblage or paper collage, are unique. Every piece is original and sourced entirely from found material. Squish takes time and care in finding each treasure, each piece of paper. For collage works, he spends hours scouring bookstores and mercilessly cutting into the pages of the books and ephemera that he finds. For assemblage, road trips to antique markets and faraway auctions yield the nostalgic trinkets that make his art come to life.

Vinod Agarwala

Vinod has lived most his life in Ottawa. He is a retired orthopedic surgeon.

Vinod is an active collector of art. In 1998, he enrolled in Watercolour classes and over the years has participated in workshops in Canada and in the United States.

In recent years he has expanded to acrylics and abstract art.

Vinod is inspired by nature. Flowers and gardening have been a lifelong interest.

Nature scenes reflect the Ottawa Valley, more particularly the Rideau amd the Ottawa Rivers. His paintings are in private collections in Ottawa, Toronto, Victoria, the United States, France, India amd the United Kingdom.

You can view the works of this local artist at www.watercolorandacrylics.ca 

If you are interested in viewing more of the many various paintings in this artist’s collection, please contact
Anik Agarwala to make an appointment at anikagarwala@hotmail.com

Steve Moreau

A 39 year old, waste of life, crusty grump, wannabe artist and dog dad! Got back into art when I broke my leg, needed money, did crappy markets, lost my Cat.

Still need money but now I just make art for myself and others with similar horrible minds. Life is dark with a few sparkles of light, but not enough to forget how shitty this whole thing is actually.


Margaret Caines

Margaret Caines is from Norris Point, Newfoundland in beautiful Gros Morne National Park. She enjoys working with bright colors to create pictures of clotheslines, sheds, and dories found in Newfoundland outports, both real and imagined. Her art is displayed in homes across Canada as well as in personal collections at Canadian Embassies abroad.