Just Dakhila 
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guy rogers 
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I had the good fortune to work in Ottawa from 2010-2013. This restaurant was just down the street from where I worked. I saw the Louisiana Duck Gumbo on the menu and from that time on, that was all I ever got there. It’s delicious! I miss it VERY much. I’ve been back in the states for 3 years and I have never found anything close to that. When I knew I was coming back to the states, I even tried to get the recipe but the chef wouldn’t give it up! I wish I could figure out a way to get some! Lol! If I ever get back to Ottawa, that’s the first place I’m going!

I always enjoyed the art on the walls as well. It was very interesting.

Kevin Ficzere 

Ottawa’s PREMIER live music venue! Incredible food, amazing staff and a positive vibe! Shout out to Donnie for his support to Ottawa Musicians and fans! It doesn’t get better!!!

Ian Burrows 

The best pub/restaurant in the downtown core.

Great food and great beer selection!

Always love my time there – especially in the summer!

Brittany Fraser 

This restaurant blew my mind!

The only thing better than the amazing food was the outstanding service.
I will definitely be back time and time again!

Thank you so much for the experience.


Sally Thomas 

Been here about a half a dozen times. Always a great time! NEED accessible washrooms. DON’T need the step in the bar. Restricts access to parts of the bar, for no obvious reasons. Would spend more time there if I was a bit more comfortable. Just saying…


great place. had a nice time.



My friends and I love to attend the events at the Atomic Rooster

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