Identification, Please

Art by Shawn Philip Hunsdale

On Display Feb 27 – April 3 

ART PARTY: Tuesday, March 21, 7-10pm

musical sounds by Alex Zabloski


Identification Please showcases a collection of ink on paper works, some with subtle coloration, incomplete images of faces and bodies in abstracted space. The ability to identify others contributes to our sense of security, yet imposed insecurity contributes to our desire to remain unidentifiable. The figures represented in this collection are drawn from life, most among them subjects known to the artist.


Shawn has lived in the region since 2010. He completed a university program in visual art in Trois-Rivières, and studied comic book art in Hull, painting and woodworking in Ottawa and theatre in New Westminster. He has a background in dance and has worked as a model for illustrators, painters, and photographers since 2001.