May 8th – June 5th

Vernissage May 16th – 7pm

Greg Kerr has been drawing, selling and publishing “underground” comic strips and books since 1991. The stories have varied in topic, but there was always one constant, Ottawa’s downtown core is the setting and nearly a character on its own.

The Cur Comix series that ran in the Ottawa Xpress from 1998 to 2004. In 2000 Cur Comix won an AAN (Association of Alternative Newspapers) award for best comic strip.

In all, over 160 Cur Comix strips were created so this is more or less a “greatest hits” show. If you are interested in other any pieces you may have remembered please contact Greg Kerr at (Colour, Black and White prints and in many cases original art available).

About my artwork… the only quote that always suits it is: “warts and all”