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Sunday Blues

2017-05-28 @ 18:00:00
The Lucas Haneman Express is a soulful, fun filled and electrifying musical ride. The groups front man, Lucas Haneman, has long been widely regarded for his distinctive and explosive guitar work. With Jeff Asselin (drums), Martin Newman (bass), & Megan Laurence (vocals), and a full length album full of ear candy and poignant lyrics, the Ottawa based musician has found their true means of self-expression.

Misc. Bands

2017-05-27 @ 16:00:00

2017-05-27 @ 22:00:00
Wake the Wolf are a riff-driven fusion of alternative rock, inspiring lyrics, soulful harmonies, and smooth bass lines. We are a group and a community of like-minded individuals, spreading a message of positivity and togetherness through a cascade of sound that will rattle you to your core. Wake your inner wolf, and join the pack.

Open Jam

Every Thursday @ 22:00:00
Every Thursday is Rooster's own, Open Mic and Jam night! It's a great opportunity to showcase your tunes, try out new ones, and get the feel of a rockin' solid sound system. Bring your guitars, banjos, djembes, ukelele's... whatever you want!


Every Tuesday @ 22:00:00
"Hot Butter" with your host DJ Billy Lidbetter. Hot Butter is dedicated to bringing you the best of 70's & 80's Funk and the best of the early years of Hip-Hop, mixed up with R & B, Soul, Downtempo, Acid Jazz, Electro and old classic House music. The whole night is geared to cookin' up sizzlin' slabs of deep down and dirty booty-shakin' grooves for your dancing and listening pleasure. Highly saturated with phat and terrible for anyone on a musical diet, it's HOT BUTTER baby!

DJ Andrew
Every Wednesday @ 22:00:00
DJ Andrew serves up hot jazz, smokey R&B, and chilled 70's jazz funk with a side of rare groove. Season to taste with psych and spiritual jazz, and wash it down with a smooth dram of soul. Using all-natural organically grown vinyl, DJ Andrew mixes with only the finest ingredients. Think global, groove local.